What a weekend! While back home in Köln people are going crazy about Karneval, we went out to celebrate Steffen’s farewell.


After an excessive soju warm-up over Korean BBQ in K-town, we headed over to a karaoke place (or more like upstairs, Koreans are not stupid, they know how to keep the money in the building). Steffen, Ludwig and Juan couldn’t wait and started performing over dinner already – very much to the entertainment of the entire restaurant. 


In the karaoke room things got really out of control when more astronomy and finance people arrived.


Steffen was done at some point, which was the goal of the night. Mission accomplished. So much for an extraordinarily successful visit!


Next day I went to the Brooklyn Museum with Vonne, who was visiting from Boston over the weekend. That was a perfect contrast to the crazy of the night before.


The museum is exceptional with its large exhibition of black and hispanic artists…


… but also for its collection of feminist artists.


The originally planned visit to an authentic Köln-style Karneval party in a bar called “Loreley” in the lower east side was finally cancelled due to too many people calling in sick from the night before.


After all, I didn’t miss Karneval too much. But today is Rosenmontag, the highlight of the season with huge parades and a final drinking orgy. As a minor consolation, I really enjoy reading the annoyed Facebook posts of all the Karneval-haters. Ach, Karneval…


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