Johns Hopkins


Last night I arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, which PR agents in the 70’s tried to dub as Charm City. Anyone who has seen The Wire knows that this is nothing but a bold face lie. Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed a nice and sunny Sunday walking across the campus of Johns Hopkins University, through some sketchy neighborhoods of Baltimore, all the way down to the nicer and more gentrified parts of town. I must admit, Baltimore got its charm. Especially the independent coffee shops far off the touristy parts around the Inner Harbor area appealed to me. The next few days will give me some more time to make up my mind about this city: the 2014 Hubble Fellows Symposium is being hosted by the Space Telescope Science Institute until Wednesday. Almost all of the about 50 current Hubble Fellows are getting together to enjoy each other’s science and company. A first trip to a local bar with my former Yale colleagues Rachel Bezanson and Erik Tollerud started off sciency with a discussion of the premier of the new COSMOS earlier this evening, but ended up in watching the finale of True Detective on HBO, and talking over drinks with random townsfolk. Quite a day.


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