Central Park


Spring is here! Finally! And it started with a bang; out of a sudden it’s everywhere. You can’t miss it. Birds are singing, squirrels go nuts, buds are popping out of trees, which were already presumed dead. And people: they’re everywhere too, in the streets, in the bars, in the cafés. But most of all they’re in the parks. Me too. And Vonne. Picnicking like the pros! Sitting in Central Park, eating cheese, baguette and salami, strawberries, grapes and avocado. All these small great things that make you happy, and all that while being surrounded by hundreds of New Yorkers, weekenders and tourists. In many ways, I realized, we’re all pretty much like the squirrels, just more complicated. And cultivated. On Friday I saw about 80 well-trained squirrels performing Brahms and Schumann at Avery Fisher Hall. I was amazed! And once again I realized that Brahms is my favorite composer. Heading to midtown after the concert, Vonne and I had to wait for the most powerful squirrel in the world to leave a theatre on Broadway. Obama and the First Lady watched Denzel Washington perform in A Raisin in the Sun, which coincidentally was just across the street from the bar where we were supposed to meet Sarah and Munier. After all of Obama’s escort had left, we joined my Columbia friends in the bar and soon headed to Harlem to get some more drinks. Coincidentally, New York’s former governor, David Paterson, was also lounging in the bar on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Of course, Munier couldn’t resist the temptation and harassed poor, blind Paterson. But how often do you get to see the first African American president and the first African American governor of NY within 2 hours!? So random. The crazy weekend ended with me taking out my bike for a spin through Central Park. It’s such a gorgeous ride! 9 miles of happiness. Now I can’t fall asleep because my brain is processing all these impressions from the weekend. Oh New York…


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