University of Surrey


After my weekend in London, I spent a couple of days in Guildford, which is like 30 min south of London. I was visiting Mark Gieles and Justin Read, who both recently took up their professorships at the University of Surrey. The two are the initiators of the Gaia Challenge workshop, which happened last August in Guildford. This year, there will be a second edition of the workshop in Heidelberg, where I’m very much looking forward to as I will be leading the stream group together with Andreea Font. In preparation for that, and as a recapitulation of the first Gaia Challenge, we started writing a collaborative paper with our stream group. The paper is going to be written publicly on Authorea, which is – like the workshop – very experimental and novel in its design and approach. On my last night in Guildford, the Surrey people took me and visiting astronomer Andrea Maccìo out for dinner to one of Jaime Oliver’s Italian restaurants. A delicious last night with British lamb, fresh mint, and great wine. As you can see in the picture, the astronomy group of Surrey University is a young and  fun mix of people. They gave me good reason to come back!


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