Satellites and Streams in Santiago 2015


What a week! The ESO workshop ‘Satellites and Streams in Santiago’ is over now, and I am still amazed by how flawless this meeting was. As announced here a while ago, I’ve been organizing this conference with Steffen Mieske (ESO) for the last few months. In the end we were 107 registered participants plus some 10 guests. The line-up was absolutely amazing, ESO Director General Tim de Zeeuw gave an opening address, and we heard keynote presentations from the who-is-who in the fields of satellites (Jorge Peñarrubia, Michelle Collins, Pavel Kroupa, Rodrigo Ibata, Vasily Belokurov, Gurtina Besla), streams (Steven Majewski, Amina Helmi, Aaron Romanowski) and the star-cluster/dwarf-galaxy interface (Oleg Gnedin, Jay Strader, Dougal Mackey, Michael Hilker, Anil Seth). 

I have learned so many things, and made so many new friends and acquaintances, it will take a while to let all of that sink in. For our all convenience, the conference was heavily tweeted by several people, and Coral Wheeler was so kind to make a storify out of the tweets. Interestingly, the official #SSS15 hashtag of the meeting was also occasionally used by beauty & nail ads. For those who want more than 140 character summaries of the talks, we will upload the slides as pdfs within the next days on the ESO conference website.

Being chair of this conference was definitely one of the highlights of my astronomy career so far, and it’ll be hard to improve next time! But I realized that the administrative aspect of science is something I wholeheartedly enjoy!! I guess that’s a good thing?!


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