Big in Japan

I get to be on Japanese television!! NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, asked me for an interview about the evolution of globular clusters and the formation of tidal streams. I’m still excited about it, it was so much fun!


NHK produces a show called Cosmic Front Next, which covers one aspect of astronomy per episode. Each episode is one hour long and features several scientists. Since 2011, they have aired about one episode per week. That’s a lot of astronomy! Surprisingly, they haven’t covered globular clusters yet. So, I’m more than happy that I get to be on this episode of Season 5.

Due to winter storm Jonas, the crew had some problems getting to New York. Interestingly, the team from Japan (consisting of Hitoshi Umeda, NHK’s Science Program Director, a camera assistant and a sound assistant) arrived in New York almost as planned, whereas Tomoko Kawasumi, the super-nice translator from Washington D.C., couldn’t get to New York for two days.


They interviewed me in Jerry Ostriker’s office, who generously offered his Columbia habitat for this ‘wonderful use for the office’, as he put it. But they also got nice shots of the campus with a spectacular sunset from the roof of Pupin Hall. I’m excited to see the episode once it is produced. Currently, the team travels through the U.S. and Europe to get some more interviews for the show. Until then I will have to refresh my Japanese language skills.


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