Insight Data Science

It’s time to move on to new challenges! Heartbroken, I have abandoned my beautiful apartment in New York and settled down in Cambridge, MA, for the next big step in my career. For the transition from academic research in astrophysics to a job in the real world, I’ve decided to use the help of the Insight Data Science program, which is famous for successfully placing PhD’s and postdocs fresh out of academia into their first data science job – at zero cost.


Turns out, summer in the Cambridge/Boston area is absolutely amazing! Sailing on the Charles River, tanning on the docks, free concerts at the Hatch Shell – there’s so much to do here. On top of that, I’ve been able to convince myself that there’s an infinite number of adventures outside of academia waiting for me and others with a quantitative research background.

The 7-week Insight Health Data Science program was a great experience, and I’d recommend it to anybody interested in a career in data science. In the last few years since I left Germany, data science has become a go-to career for many astrophysicists. I consider myself lucky that this new exciting door opened just at the right time, and that I can enter a job market in which my stats, programming and data analysis skills are highly valued. Insight has made this transition not just easy, but also fun and enjoyable.

The time at Insight was very valuable for me. Insight provides a well-structured, intensive training program that gave me the few missing skills I needed in order to land a great data science job. In addition, I learned a lot about the industry, about the problems companies are facing and about how they tackle them. Ultimately, it provided me with a rich network of fellows and alumni. Through Insight I’m connected with data science teams in most of the major companies and startups, in which data science opens up fascinating possibilities for decision makers and/or users.

Located in a co-working space in downtown Boston, the Insight office has a foosball table, free snacks and beverages, breakout rooms, and excellent coffee. Like in most other data science jobs, there’s deadlines, intense coding and long working hours. Actually, now that I think about it, Insight is really more like a first data science job in a small startup than a training program – a job without (immediate) pay, but the few weeks you invest are definitely going to pay off, believe me.


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