Insight Data Science from inside

September has been a very unique month for me. As my Hubble Fellowship ended and I hadn’t taken up my new position as a data scientist at QuantCo yet, I had the opportunity to work all month long for Insight Data Science in Boston. Having gone through the program myself, I was a (hopefully) valuable support for Program Director Greg Antell (center left in the photo) in mentoring the 18 new fellows of the Fall Session.


I mainly provided feedback and ideas for the fellows’ data science projects, and gave workshops on machine learning and web development. I also helped them in writing proper resumes and improve their project presentations – where I realized (very much to the suffering of the fellows) how detail-oriented I can be.

Seeing the fellows’ projects grow from vague ideas to fully-fledged data science products in only four weeks was amazing. It gave me a whole new perspective on the role of, e.g., a head of data science or a data science manager. It’s fascinating to steer people in a certain direction that they don’t see yet – and it feels oddly familiar to mentoring grad students.

One highlight of the month was certainly the unexpected visit of the Chief Data Scientist of the White House, DJ Patil (center right in the photo), to the CIC Boston where Insight is located. The fellows and the Insight team enjoyed listening to his thoughts on the role of data science in the health sector and the future directions of this emerging industry.

If you want to be part of the world of data science, consider applying to Insight. Applications for the Winter Session of Insight Health Data are due October 24th.


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