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Cambridge, MA


Cambridge is really beautiful in summer – but it’s also full of tourists! Cohorts of eager parents are walking around MIT and Harvard, many with a sparkle in their eyes, fantasizing that their children may one day be one of the very few kids that actually make it there. Nevertheless, I enjoy spending time in this quirky university town: Kayaking on the Charles River, coffee and sticky buns at Flour Bakery, or Asian-food shopping at H-Mart, always make it worth a trip!


Summer in the City


Apparently, traveling has become an integral part of my life. Coming back from Baltimore early June, however, I managed to stay at home in New York for almost 3 weeks in a row before heading out again. It was amazing! The weather was great, and the City did not reek of trash and rotten rat yet. Of all the fun things I did, cycling around Central Park at sunset was certainly one of the most impressive and most rewarding things to do. Can’t wait to get back on the 6 mile loop!

Sakura Park


I’m getting tired of posting winter wonderland photos, but going through Sakura Park every day I really can’t help it. This place makes me happy each and every day. Can’t wait till all the cherry trees start to bloom, bringing out the Sakura in the park’s name! Apparently they were imported from Japan in 1912 as a gift from Japanese residents of New York. Hence, it has become a place to have Hanami parties, the joy of looking at cherry blossoms. Who’s in for that?!

The Icy Hudson


Lars came over from New Haven today and we took a walk in this beautiful sunny weather down at the waterfront while discussing life, love and science. Tons of ice were floating down the Hudson. It was piling up at the piers and the view gave us a chill. Lars asked me how long I thought a man could survive in this icy water, just as I was having exactly the same thought. The wind made our faces dry out and ache in an instant, so we continued our discussion at Dinosaur BBQ over ribs and beer. Of course, the Czech waitress mistook us for a couple. We decided not to disappoint her and played along with it. I think she liked us. A fun day.



In this weather the City looks as movie-y as it gets. You wouldn’t need to add fancy lighting or fog machines – it’s all there. Turn on your camera, and action. You naturally develop the wish to become a film noir director.



Just coming back from a week in New Haven, where I still have a desk in my old office. Met a bunch of colleagues and friends, but the most random encounter happened in the ingenious forestry department building. Its design is so appealing and welcoming that people from all disciplines go there for group meetings, for studying or, like me and Jordan, for lunch. Sitting there in the corner were Lars, the Swedish child psychologist, and his girlfriend Suzanne, also psychologist but instead of spending her research time on autistic children she rather pursuits the question whether people really do hate the rich when they say they do (apparently they don’t). After some very random philosophical debate about the esthetics of a Big Rip versus a Big Crunch I left them analyzing each other’s motivation for why they are researching what they’re researching. Research = me-search. (Apparently I’m obsessed with eating that’s why I’m trying to measure the weight of the Milky Way…)  Continue reading Yale