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Insight Data Science

It’s time to move on to new challenges! Heartbroken, I have abandoned my beautiful apartment in New York and settled down in Cambridge, MA, for the next big step in my career. For the transition from academic research in astrophysics to a job in the real world, I’ve decided to use the help of the Insight Data Science program, which is famous for successfully placing PhD’s and postdocs fresh out of academia into their first data science job – at zero cost.


Turns out, summer in the Cambridge/Boston area is absolutely amazing! Sailing on the Charles River, tanning on the docks, free concerts at the Hatch Shell – there’s so much to do here. On top of that, I’ve been able to convince myself that there’s an infinite number of adventures outside of academia waiting for me and others with a quantitative research background.

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With the AAS in Seattle


The year 2015 started off with a trip to Seattle to attend the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS). I just became a member of the AAS (for which I’m grateful to my sponsors Kathryn Johnston and Jerry Ostriker!), and so this was the first time for me to attend one of these ginormous, annual meetings. When I first looked at the program, I was impressed (not to say overwhelmed) by the number of attendees, the variety of splinter meetings, and by the quality & quantity of career opportunities. This impression didn’t change much throughout the week.  Continue reading With the AAS in Seattle



From Heidelberg I went straight to Paris for the weekend. I visited Francesca, my former Italian roommate at Yale, who just moved to Paris for her PhD in biology at the reputable Institut Pasteur. I was shocked to hear that just two weeks ago a post-doc at this institute completely cracked, and went berserk in the lab. In his frenzy, he ruined several mice experiments, and even burnt 600 lab mice! I guess that’s how crazy the pressure in science can get. You get a career or you fail in life, that’s the mentality. Anyways, the weekend was lovely and I got to see Paris again from a stress-free point of view. Especially in Paris it’s so much more relaxed when you’ve seen all the major sights and can focus on the more enjoyable sides of the city. Clearly, I’m talking about the boulangeries here, which are kind of the independent coffee shops of Paris. Croissants, baguettes and macarones, je vous aime!