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From Heidelberg I went straight to Paris for the weekend. I visited Francesca, my former Italian roommate at Yale, who just moved to Paris for her PhD in biology at the reputable Institut Pasteur. I was shocked to hear that just two weeks ago a post-doc at this institute completely cracked, and went berserk in the lab. In his frenzy, he ruined several mice experiments, and even burnt 600 lab mice! I guess that’s how crazy the pressure in science can get. You get a career or you fail in life, that’s the mentality. Anyways, the weekend was lovely and I got to see Paris again from a stress-free point of view. Especially in Paris it’s so much more relaxed when you’ve seen all the major sights and can focus on the more enjoyable sides of the city. Clearly, I’m talking about the boulangeries here, which are kind of the independent coffee shops of Paris. Croissants, baguettes and macarones, je vous aime!



What a weekend! While back home in Köln people are going crazy about Karneval, we went out to celebrate Steffen’s farewell.


After an excessive soju warm-up over Korean BBQ in K-town, we headed over to a karaoke place (or more like upstairs, Koreans are not stupid, they know how to keep the money in the building). Steffen, Ludwig and Juan couldn’t wait and started performing over dinner already – very much to the entertainment of the entire restaurant.  Continue reading Karneval

The absence of event horizons mean that there are no black holes – in the sense of regimes from which light can’t escape to infinity. There are however apparent horizons which persist for a period of time. This suggests that black holes should be redefined as metastable bound states of the gravitational field.

Stephen Hawking trying to revolutionize our understanding of black holes in his new publication.