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Insight Data Science from inside

September has been a very unique month for me. As my Hubble Fellowship ended and I hadn’t taken up my new position as a data scientist at QuantCo yet, I had the opportunity to work all month long for Insight Data Science in Boston. Having gone through the program myself, I was a (hopefully) valuable support for Program Director Greg Antell (center left in the photo) in mentoring the 18 new fellows of the Fall Session.


I mainly provided feedback and ideas for the fellows’ data science projects, and gave workshops on machine learning and web development. Continue reading Insight Data Science from inside


Insight Data Science

It’s time to move on to new challenges! Heartbroken, I have abandoned my beautiful apartment in New York and settled down in Cambridge, MA, for the next big step in my career. For the transition from academic research in astrophysics to a job in the real world, I’ve decided to use the help of the Insight Data Science program, which is famous for successfully placing PhD’s and postdocs fresh out of academia into their first data science job – at zero cost.


Turns out, summer in the Cambridge/Boston area is absolutely amazing! Sailing on the Charles River, tanning on the docks, free concerts at the Hatch Shell – there’s so much to do here. On top of that, I’ve been able to convince myself that there’s an infinite number of adventures outside of academia waiting for me and others with a quantitative research background.

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