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Central Park


Spring is here! Finally! And it started with a bang; out of a sudden it’s everywhere. You can’t miss it. Birds are singing, squirrels go nuts, buds are popping out of trees, which were already presumed dead. And people: they’re everywhere too, in the streets, in the bars, in the cafés. But most of all they’re in the parks. Continue reading Central Park



Walking into Harlem’s Cathedral of Saint John the Divine last weekend, Steffen and I became witnesses of a truly multicultural event: several ginormous dragons were hovering in the nave of the church, while down below Chinese drummers were welcoming the year of the horse. Meanwhile a Christian Harlem community was having a get-together after their Sunday service.


Apparently, it’s not just me who likes Harlem a lot. In a recent New York Times feature, Harlem is shown from it’s promising side, with lots of Jazz, coffee and excellent food – but also with good neighborhood and a rich history.  It’s exceptionally colorful living here!