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Big in Japan

I get to be on Japanese television!! NHK, Japan’s national public broadcasting organization, asked me for an interview about the evolution of globular clusters and the formation of tidal streams. I’m still excited about it, it was so much fun!


NHK produces a show called Cosmic Front Next, which covers one aspect of astronomy per episode. Each episode is one hour long and features several scientists. Since 2011, they have aired about one episode per week. That’s a lot of astronomy! Surprisingly, they haven’t covered globular clusters yet. So, I’m more than happy that I get to be on this episode of Season 5. Continue reading Big in Japan


Sakura Park


I’m getting tired of posting winter wonderland photos, but going through Sakura Park every day I really can’t help it. This place makes me happy each and every day. Can’t wait till all the cherry trees start to bloom, bringing out the Sakura in the park’s name! Apparently they were imported from Japan in 1912 as a gift from Japanese residents of New York. Hence, it has become a place to have Hanami parties, the joy of looking at cherry blossoms. Who’s in for that?!