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Greenwich Village


Sometimes I wish Columbia could be around 14th Street, and by sometimes I mean always. But then it would be NYU, so it’s good that Columbia actually is where it is. It’s just that the area is so much nicer! The number of coffee shops and exotic restaurants is outrageous. Whenever it takes me down there during working hours or on the weekends, I enjoy the bustling streets of Greenwich Village. There’s always a new corner to discover, something new to see and try – just made for my curiosity.

P.S. after walking around in the Village all morning, with a coffee in my hand and a smile on my face, it’s actually quite hard to believe that tomorrow’s weather forecast predicts snow…




After a busy but very successful week, Alejandro and Mathieu took me out for a pre-weekend drink. We ended up in a place in their neighborhood in Harlem called “Bier International”, and it turned out to be a fountain of joy and delight. I had great German beer – Reissdorf and Jever – which came with a classy selection of hearty Wurst and tasty Brezel. No doubt this place is going to be my second home in summer when you can sit outside on Frederick Douglass Boulevard. By the number of coffee shops, bars and restaurants opening up in this area you may think “this is going to be the new SoHo” (wishful thinking of Mathieu).  Continue reading Bier